Kame Editor

A Unix Friendly 3DS Theme Editor made with Qt5




Kame Editor v1.3.1 GPL v3+

Older Versions
*Debian builds are provided for convenience, and may not actually conform to standard Debian or Ubuntu distro packaging guidelines. If you want a compliant .deb package, build one yourself or try to get a distro maintainer interested.
**Windows builds are provided so long as there is an active contributor who makes these builds.


All Other Downloads
If you run into any issues while using Kame Editor, feel free to file a bug report on Gitlab. You can also find me on the Nintendo Homebrew and Theme Plaza Discords. If you would like to see an official package of Kame Editor in your GNU/Linux distro read the Packaging Considerations section of the README on Gitlab, or try to get a distro maintainer interested and direct them to it. If you are interested in seeing Kame Editor in your language, read the documentation entry about it to contribute a translation. You can submit the translation as a merge request or just contact me on Discord (beelzy#8257).
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